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Welcome to the world,s most advanced tele medical system

The healthcare is about to change


      We believe that the healthcare is not a luxury for a chosen ones, but a basic human right. This means, before all, that it has to be affordable for ANYONE.


       That's why we have created not only the most innovative system for online cardiac monitoring and care, but also the most affordable one.  

We made it with people.s wellbeing in our mind! 

    About our system

Our system combines advanced medical devices and software in order to follow your vital parameters in real time. Your visits in the doctors office will be significantly reduced!

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Our medical Command centre

where we are observing you 24/7

A different approach.

You don't need to wait in front of the doctors office any more, in order to get medical attention. Instead we bring the doctors care always with you

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Features you won.t find anywhere else.

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The Healthcare is about to change!

1. get medical help instantly

any time  anywhere

2. be observed by doctors 24/7

3. have peace of mind about our

parents  and relatives

4.get adjustment of medication


5.get assistance for hospital


6. get emergency service free to live our life without


For the first time in our lives we CAN:

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